lundi 11 août 2008

Bornes à seringues

In some places in the city you can find such things. It helps getting clean and unused syringes. That's to help junkie not to stick on their used and shared syringes. I think it's quite anonymous to use this.

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Anonymous Anonyme a dit...

There might be things like this in some of our largest cities but we have nothing to compare with this here in Brookville, Ohio where I live. I don't think we have any or many junkies either.

11 août 2008 à 13:30  
Blogger Kim a dit...

Elsa, This is so interesting. I'm curious to know what arrondissement you spied these in. I'm thinking it wasn't in the 7th :-). I wonder if there are any in other big cities around the globe?
Seattle Daily Photo

11 août 2008 à 22:30  
Blogger elsa a dit...

This one is right at the Métro Guy Môquet at the border between 17th and 18th on the 18th side.
You can also find some near the gare St Lazare in a little streets!
But you are right Kim I doubt we can find some in the 7th... ;-)

11 août 2008 à 23:07  

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