mercredi 3 juin 2009

Bar Le Benjamin - Châtelet

Bardzo lubie ten Bar "Benjamin" na Châtelet. Jest przytulny.
I like this bar "Benjamin" at Châtelet very much. It is comfortable.

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Blogger Chipie a dit...

On y prendrait bien un verre...

3 juin 2009 à 07:08  
Blogger StyleSpy a dit...

Putting this on my list of "must-visits" for my next trip!

3 juin 2009 à 15:59  
Blogger Lois a dit...

Looks fabulous!

3 juin 2009 à 16:39  
Blogger Lowell a dit...

I've been looking back at many of your photos and they make me yearn for Paris...

The Seine is so beautiful!

This bar looks to be a wonderful place to relax and and enjoy a drink or two.

3 juin 2009 à 20:01  

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